20 Years of P!nk – The Party Tour

In 2002, Pink was ready to go on the road to promote her second studio album, Missundaztood. Pink was given complete control of all aspects of the tour including staging and opening acts. 

During an interview at the ESPY Awards, Pink mentioned she chose the group “Candy Ass” because she’d always wanted to be in an all-female band. She further stated that she would cover songs by her musical inspirations including 4 Non Blondes, Aerosmith, Janis Joplin, Guns N’ Roses and Mary J. Blige.

The stage was very simplistic consisting of a backdrop resembling a brick wall with a graffiti text saying “P!nk”, a video screen, lights, instruments, and one microphone. The show’s setup was designed for the nightclubs and concert halls Pink would play that had an average audience size of 3,000 attendees. During this time, Pink’s peers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were touring the U.S. as well in sports arenas and amphitheaters. Pink (who previously condemned the comparisons) stated:

“Big productions, to me, are great—like, I love going to Vegas and seeing shows—but I think that sometimes it’s distracting, especially when you are there to listen to the music. I remember being on tour with ‘NSYNC, and I don’t know if this is appropriate, but it was something like a $5 million stage, and to me, that was just like, ‘Man, I will take a box out there and stand on it with a microphone. I ain’t spending that much money.’ I love the shows that are in dingy little dark clubs, smoky, no production whatsoever. My stage show is raw and unpredictable. It’s not a lot of choreography this time. There’s practically no sequencing involved whatsoever. It’s just instruments and a voice and incredible music. When there is a lot of sequencing or ProTools or DATs involved, it gets a little strange, so this is going to be definitely more organic.”

During rehearsals, Pink contacted Lenny Kravitz and jokingly stated she was rehearsing to be the opening act on his upcoming North American tour. She invited the rock singer to watch her rehearse. She also sent him a pair of black and pink panties with “The P!nk/Lenny Tour” written on them. Upon the completion of her North America dates, Pink continued to tour the United States as the opening act for the “Lenny Live Tour”. Once her outing with Kravitz was complete, the singer set out on a mini-tour of Europe, visiting England, Ireland and Germany. She continued her tour into Japan and New Zealand before touring Australia with the “Rumba Festival”.

The tour was sponsored by Bally Total Fitness, giving the tour the sponsored name, “Bally Total Fitness presents Pink’s ‘The Party Tour 2002′”. In conjunction with the sponsorship, the fitness center launched the “Get Your Body Started” movement classes in over 400 Ballys throughout the US and Canada. The centers also hosted dance competitions set to Missundaztood.

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  • Keyboards: Jason Chapman and Cassandra O’Neal
  • Drums: Mylious Johnson
  • Guitar: Rafael Moriera
  • Bass guitar: Janis Tanaka
  • Backing vocalist: Cassandra O’Neal and Janis Tanaka


01. Instrumental Sequence (containing elements of Most Girls)
02. Get the Party Started
03. Missundaztood
04. 18 Wheeler
05. What’s Up?
06. Dear Diary
07. Respect
08. I Love You / You’re All I need to get by
09. Janie’s Got a Gun
10. You Make Me Sick
11. Just Like a Pill 
12. Lonely Girl 
13. Instrumental Sequence (containing elements of Sweet Child o’ Mine)
14. Numb
15. Summertime / Piece of my Heart / Me and Bobby McGee
16. Family Portrait
17. My Vietnam
18. Eventually 
19. There You Go
20. Don’t Let Me Get Me

Tour Dates:

02.05.02 – Phoenix, USA
04.05.02 – Tucson, USA
05.05.02 – Las Vegas, USA
07.05.02 – Salt Lake City, USA
09.05.02 – Denver, USA
10.05.02 – Bernalillo, USA
12.05.02 – Austin, USA
14.05.02 – Houston, USA
15.05.02 – Grand Prairie, USA
18.05.02 – Orlando, USA
19.05.02 – Fort Lauderdale, USA 
22.05.02 – Atlanta, USA
25.05.02 – Hershey, USA
26.05.02 – Wallingford, USA
28.05.02 – New York City, USA
29.05.02 – New York City, USA
31.05.02 – Boston,USA
01.06.02 – Upper Darby Township, USA
02.05.02 – East Rutherford, USA
04.06.02 – Washington D.C. USA
05.06.02 – Cleveland, USA
07.06.02 – Pittsburgh, USA
09.06.02 – Toronto, Canada
10.06.02 – Detroit, USA
12.06.02 – Rosemont, USA
13.06.02 – Minneapolis, USA
15.06.02 – Pasadena, USA
18.06.02 – Spokane, USA
19.06.02 – Vancouver, Canada 
22.06.02 – Portland, USA
24.06.02 – Santa Rosa, USA
25.06.02 – San Francisco, USA
28.06.02 – Los Angeles, USA
29.06.02 – Los Angeles, USA
30.06.02 – San Diego, USA

05.11.02 – Manchester, England
06.11.02 – Dublin, Ireland 
08.11.02 – Cologne, Germany
11.11.02 – Birmingham, England
12.11..02 – London, England

19.11.02 – Osaka, Japan
21.11.02 – Tokyo, Japan
22.22.02 – Tokyo, Japan

26.11.02 – Dunedin, New Zealand 
27.11.02 – Christchurch, New Zealand
29.11.02 – Wellington, New Zealand 
30.11.02 – Auckland, New Zealand
03.12.02 – Perth, Australia
06.12.02 – Adelaide, Australia
08.12.02 – Melbourne, Australia 
10.12.02 – Gold Coast, Australia
11.12.02 – Brisbane, Australia 
12.12.02 – Wollongong, Australia
14.12.02 – Sydney, Australia

18.12.02 – Honolulu, USA

Los Angeles Full Show
Thanks to YouTube user Joshua Duff for uploading the video

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