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Welcome to PinkHistory.blog!

On This Day in Pink History… is a website and social media accounts run by a Pink fan in the UK.

The project started in October 2010, when information was collected from various sources and put together in a database. On 5th December 2011, Pink History was launched on Facebook and Twitter and each day an event from Pink’s career has been posted.

Since then, Pink History has launched on other social media sites such as Instagram and Tumblr (see ‘links‘ page for all links to Pink History social media pages), and this website which opened on 26th May 2014. There is also a lyrics website (see ‘Lyrics‘ section of this website).

This website will re-live the memories of some of the biggest events in Pink’s career, while also keeping you up to date on news and giving information on albums, tours and singles.

I hope you enjoy this website, and the Pink History social media accounts (Links)

~ Pink History xoxo

Main sources of information

Photos used for daily collage photos and photos for this website have been collected by me over the last 20 years by various websites listed below and social media pages. I do not claim to own any image (apart from photos which I have personally taken at concerts!). ‘PinkHistory’ tags will be added to any photo that I’ve edited or taken.

Pink History is no way connected with Pink or her management. This is a fan page, run by a fan in the UK

Artwork on this page is created by Veronique Tumini who runs @Operation_Pink & Operation Pinkies.

A Message from Operation PInkies…

Hi! Welcome on this amazing page PinkHistory came up with! I am very happy it’s finally up, and I hope y’all are loving it as much as I do.

A while ago PinkHistory asked me for a favour, I had to keep a big secret though. I really wanted to help her, so she told me about her plans of making a official webpage. I fell in love with the idea straight away! She asked me to help her re-design the page and make a banner for every subpage. People who know me, know that I love to edit (pictures and videos). She gave me the details about every single page (and subpage) and I couldn’t wait to start.

I choosed to make different styles of banners to keep it playfull. I hope y’all are liking it as much as PinkHistory and I do..

Have fun on this amazing page, and who knows, maybe you will become part of P!nk History one day too!

Xo Xo- Veronique (Operation P!nkies)

1 thought on “About

  1. Marie Falvey

    A super big “YAY” to the both of you! I am so excited that P!nkies around the world, now have a ‘One Stop Shop’ for everything P!nk Fan based….And this P!nkie says….”WooHoo”! ♥ you 2! #PinkFamilyRocks


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