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20 Years of P!nk – The Grammy Awards

P!nk at the Grammy Awards

Pink has received 3 Grammy Awards from 20 nominations. 


2002 – Lady Marmalade – Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals – Won

2003 – Get the Party Started – Best Female Pop Vocal Performance – Nominated

2003 – Missundaztood – Best Pop Vocal Album – Nominated

2004 – Feel Good Time – Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals – Nominated

2004 – Trouble – Best Female Rock Vocal Performance – Won

2007 – Stupid Girls – Best Female Pop Vocal Performance – Nominated

2009 – So What – Best Female Pop Vocal Performance – Nominated

2010 – Sober – Best Female Pop Vocal Performance – Nominated

2010 – Funhouse – Best Pop Vocal Album – Nominated 

2011 – Imagine – Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals – Won

2011 – Recovery – Album of the Year – Nominated

2012 – Fuckin’ Perfect – Best Pop Solo Performance – Nominated

2013 – The Truth About Love – Best Pop Vocal Album – Nominated

2014 – Just Give Me a Reason – Best Pop Duo/Group Performance – Nominated

2014 – Just Give Me a Reason – Song of the Year – Nominated

2015 – The Truth About Love Tour: Live from Melbourne – Best Music Film – Nominated

2017 – Just Like Fire – Best Song Written for Visual Media – Nominated

2017 – Setting the World on Fire – Best Country Duo/Group Performance – Nominated

2018 – What About Us – Best Pop Solo Performance – Nominated

2019 – Beautiful Trauma – Best Pop Album – Nominated

A Grammy Award is an award presented by The Recording Academy to recognise achievements in the music industry. The trophy depicts a gilded gramophone. 

The annual ceremony features performances by prominent artists and the presentation of the awards.

The first Grammy Awards were held on 4th May 1959 to honour and respect the musical accomplishments by performers for the year 1958. 

Pink has attended and performed at the Grammy Awards many times over her career. See her appearances and performances on the Facebook album. 

Video Highlights 

Glitter in the air

Just give me a reason 

2018 (Wild hearts)

2014 (try)

2007 (presenting award)

On This Day in Pink History, 16th January 2007, Pink directed the music video for Pretty Boys song Hello Bonjour

On This Day in Pink History, 16th January 2007, Pink directed the music video for Pretty Boys song Hello Bonjour

The Music Video:

20 Years of P!nk – Most Girls

Most Girls

Release History
4th September 2000

Written by
Damon Thomas

Can’t Take Me Home

Peak Positions
Australia – 1
Canada – 2
Netherlands – 23
New Zealand – 2
UK – 5
US – 4

Most Girls was the second single released from Pink’s debut album, Can’t Take Me Home in September 2000.

The music video was directed by Dave Myers.

20 Years of P!nk – Can’t Take Me Home

Can’t Take Me Home

Twenty years ago, P!nk released her debut solo album, Can’t Take Me Home, with LaFace Records. It was released on the 4th April 2000 in the United States and produced three singles: There You Go, Most Girls and You Make Me Sick.

The album was produced by Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs, Babyface, Kandi Burruss, Terence “Tramp Baby” Abney, Daryl Simmons and Tricky. Pink shared co-writing credit on seven of the album’s tracks. 

The album was also released as a special UK edition with special remixes of There You Go and Most Girls

Track list & Writers

Split Personality – Pink, Terence “Tramp Baby” Abney, Babyface
Hell Wit Ya – Pink, Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs, Kandi Burruss, Darius Green
Most Girls – Babyface, Damon Thomas
There You Go – Pink, Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs, Kandi Burruss
You Make Me Sick – Obi Nwobosi, Ainsworth Prasad, Merthony Tabb
Let Me Let You Know – Neal Creque, Sean Hall, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, Robin Thicke
Love Is Such a Crazy Thing – Jason Boyd, Daron Jones, Michael Keith, Quinnes Parker, Marvin Scandrick, Lamont “Stro” Maxwell, Courtney Sills
Private Show – Kenneth Karlin, Andrea Martin, Ivan Matias, Carsten “Soulshock” Schack
Can’t Take Me Home – Pink, Harold Frasier, Steve “Rhythm” Clarke
Stop Falling – Pink, Will Baker, Pete Woodruff
Do What U Do – James Hollins, Exekiel Lewis, Kawan Prather, Maurice “Big Reese” Sinclair
Hiccup – Pink, Harold Frasier, Delouie Avant, Steve “Rhythm” Clarke
Is It Love – Pink, Harold Frasier, Delouie Avant, Steve “Rhythm” Clarke, Aaron Philips 

Peak Positions

Australia – 10
Belgium – 48
Canada – 20
Netherlands – 58
Germany – 85
Ireland – 23
New Zealand – 12
UK – 13
US – 26


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On This Day in Pink History, 8th January 2001, Pink attended the American Music Awards [VIDEO]

On This Day in Pink History, 8th January 2001, Pink attended the American Music Awards

The 2001 American Music Awards was held on 8th January 2001.

Pink was nominated for Favourite Soul/R&B New Artist but the winner of the award was Donell Jones.

Pink performed Most Girls.

On This Day in Pink History… 7th January 2006, Pink and Carey got married

On This Day in Pink History… 7th January 2006, Pink and Carey got married

Popping the question usually conjures up images of a starry-eyed groom on bended knee against some romantic backdrop. But rebellious pop star Pink’s proposal was fittingly unconventional: the bride-to-be flagged down her motocross champion beau Carey Hart during a bike race by holding up a board that said: “Will you marry me?”. As Carey revved up for a second lap, she held up a second one which simply read: “I’m serious!”.

So when the singer tied the knot last weekend at an intimate beachside ceremony in Costa Rica, the most surprising aspect, perhaps, was just how traditionally romantic the unconventional pair could be.

Having said she planned on “being a girl and wearing a dress” on her special day, the Lady Marmalade vocalist, whose real name is Alecia Moore, was transformed from punk princess to emotional bride for the sunset service, held on the shores of the Four Seasons Resort. “We just love the beach, so we wanted it here,” she told People magazine.

Radiant in a champagne halter-neck gown, complete with fairytale tiered skirt tied with a sash at the waist, the bride made sure she included some individual twists, too, from her barefoot stroll down the aisle to Billy Joel’s She’s Always A Woman, to her platinum blonde hairstyle with bright pink highlights.

More than 100 guests, including singer Lisa Marie Presley, witnessed the nuptials, in which the bride and groom, who began dating in 2001, read heartfelt vows they’d written themselves. According to one report, a teary-eyed Pink told her husband: “I love you because I let you hold my heart and you haven’t broken it.”

“I wanted to see how creative Carey could be, and he’s always so cute when he’s nervous,” the bride explained in the wedding programme. “No, the real reason [we wrote our own vows] is: I didn’t think anyone else’s words could ever have possibly described how far we’ve come or how much we love each other. And I always like to say it my way.”

Carey, meanwhile, had a somewhat cheekier explanation: “Because I didn’t think any vows had been written that would describe how hot her ass is. Just kidding (not really).

“To listen to Alecia express her love for me and us will be heaven to my ears. And, it isn’t everyday that I get to express how I feel about her in a surrounding with all of our closest family and friends,” he concluded.

The couple swapped rings which had been made by close friend Stephen Webster; Pink and Carey had asked him to come up with a “cool and different” design that was “our kind of beautiful”. The result? Rings that say “til death” in platinum and diamonds.

Known for his daredevil motorcycle stunts, the 30-year-old groom, who, like Pink, has a tattoo which reads “Tru Luv”, is no less adventurous when it comes to showing his marital devotion: “Once we get married, I’m going to tattoo her name down my ring finger,” he promised.

For now, the couple are reportedly heading off with their four dogs on a snowboarding honeymoon. But for Carey, at least, that’s just the icing on the cake. “I’m so excited to be married to her,” he said in the run up to the wedding, “I don’t even care about the honeymoon!”

Words by Hello! magazine published 19th January 2006


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20 Years of P!nk… There You Go

There You Go

Release History
20th February 2000

Written by
Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs
Kandi Burruss

Can’t Take Me Home

Peak Positions
Australia – 2
Germany – 65
Ireland – 19
New Zealand – 6
Sweden – 26
UK – 6
US Billboard Hot 100 – 7

There you go was Pink’s debut single from her debut album Can’t Take Me Home. It was co-written by Pink, Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs and Kandi Burruss. 

The song got many positive reviews and was compare to tracks from Destiny’s Child (Bills Bills Bills) and TLC (No Scrubs). It was described by MTV Asia as having an edgy cut that has all that it takes to top the charts. Rolling Stone commented: “Her debut has one awesome single in ‘There You Go’, whose wronged-woman sass is set to a stop-start groove so bling-bling it redeems a chorus that ends, ‘Sometimes it be’s like that.'”

Music Video

The music video was the first of many to be directed by Dave Meyers. It debuted in late November 1999. 

In the music video , Pink’s ex-boyfriend Mikey calls her asking for a ride, and she reluctantly agrees to give him one. Pink hops on a motorcycle and rides to the top of a parking structure overlooking her ex’s apartment, where she calls him on her cell. She then accelerates her motorcycle, jumps off at the last second, and watches as it soars off the building and crashes into his apartment window before exploding into flames, burning the armchair and the PlayStation (which Mikey was playing on earlier in the video). Pink then jumps into a car driven by a new guy, giving her ex the middle finger as they drive off.

On This Day in Pink History, 31st December 2008, Pink performed at Wasted Space in Las Vegas [VIDEOS]

On This Day in Pink History, 31st December 2008, Pink performed at Wasted Space in Las Vegas

Setlist (from setlist.fm)


Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)

One Foot Wrong


Who Knew



Get The Party Started

So What

Counting down to New Year

Thanks to PinksMidori & Liz Cisneros for uploading the videos to YouTube

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On This Day in Pink History… 21st December 2006, Dear Mr President was released

On This Day in Pink History… 21st December 2006, Dear Mr President was released

Dear Mr President was recorded for Pink’s fourth album, I’m Not Dead. The song, featuring Indigo Girls, is an open letter to then President of the United States, George W. Bush, written by Pink and Billy Mann. The song criticizes several areas of Bush’s administration and terms in office, including the Iraq War, No Child Left Behind Act, disapproval of equal rights for homosexuals, lack of empathy for poor and middle class citizens, Bush’s strong religious beliefs, and Bush’s drinking and drug usage in college. Pink felt that it was one of the most important songs she had ever written.

The song received positive reviews by music critics. Bill Lamb noted that Pink has rarely made songs about social problems: “the searing anti-Bush “Dear Mr. President” (…) “a folkie singalong” (…) The Indigo Girls lend their sizable instrumental and background vocal punch” and he highlighted it.Robert Christgau noted that Pink thinks “Bush did coke and teens care about the homeless.” Entertainment Weekly described Dear Mr. President “with its incongruous folkie social concern and Bush-baiting applause lines.” Los Angeles Times said that Pink taps her inner Ani DiFranco on the confrontational “Dear Mr. President.” NY Times noted that the song is “well meaning” and “hectoring” and that it grows even more sententious. PopMatters praised the single with long overview: “Oh, and speaking of presidents, Pink’s musical letter to the Commander-in-Chief (“Dear Mr. President”) is just as topical. The Indigo Girls tag along for moral support and, with lyrics like “How can you say, ‘no child is left behind’ / we’re not dumb and we’re not blind” or “You’ve come a long way, from whiskey and cocaine”, you just know that if she’d made the song a few years earlier, it would have been featured in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911. You also get the impression that this is personal for Pink, that she’s not doing it to be trendy. On the lyric page for “Dear Mr. President”, there’s a picture of Pink in an oval frame. Red, white, and blue ribbons are tied to the frame and her father’s dog tags share the reddish page.” Rolling Stone told that Pink writes a scathing letter in “Dear Mr. President” (“You’ve come a long way from whiskey and cocaine!”) and critic praised “cooing righteous folk harmonies with Indigo Girls.” Sal Cinquemani was mixed: “”Dear Mr. President,” which cleverly uses George W. Bush’s own words against him, pales next to Missundaztood’s “My Vietnam.”


A music video was released with the single of a live performance of Dear Mr President, recorded in the UK on the I’m Not Dead tour.

Chart Peak Positions:

  • Australia – 5
  • German Singles Chart – 3
  • UK Singles Chart – 34

On This Day in Pink History… 20th December 2009, Carey surprised Pink on stage!

On This Day in Pink History… 20th December 2009, Carey surprised Pink on stage!

On 20th December 2009, Pink played at TUI Arena in Hannover, Germany, on the Funhouse Tour. During the performance of So What, Carey surprised Pink on stage, by replacing dancer Leo, this is what happened…