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On This Day in Pink History 31st January 2010, Pink attended the Grammy Awards [VIDEO]

On This Day in Pink History 31st January 2010, Pink attended the Grammy Awards

In 2010, Pink performed Glitter in the Air at the Grammy Awards. The success of the performance lead to the song being released as a single.

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On This Day in Pink History… 26th January 2006, Stupid Girls music video was released

On This Day in Pink History… 26th January 2006, Stupid Girls music video was released

Stupid Girls was released as the first single from Pink’s fourth studio album, I’m Not Dead.

The music video was directed by Dave Meyers and premiered on MTV’s broadband channel Overdrive. Pink and Meyers shot the videos for both Stupid Girls and U + Ur Hand before he decision was made as to which would become the albums lead single.

Pink describes the video as “sick and twisted and insane”, and says of Meyers “He has an insane imagination. I don’t think everyone else is going to laugh, but just know that we all did.” Pink did all her own stunts for the video.

According to Barry Weiss, president of Zomba Music Group, executives at Pink’s label were reluctant to release the song as the album’s first single. They decided to release the video before issuing the song to radio, and 8.6 million people downloaded the video when it was made available on the internet. Zomba’s senior vice president of marketing Janet Kleinbaum said that radio programmers “went online to download the audio from the video in order to get it on radio”.

The video shows Pink as an angel and a demon who try to influence the future of a young girl. The angel shows her a series of images demonstrating the stupidity of current trends in female celebrity, and the images feature Pink in various roles, including a dancer in a 50 Cent video, a girl attempting to attract the attention of an instructor at the gym, a girl who uses her emergency inflatable breasts at a bowling alley, a girl at a tanning salon, a girl with purging disorder who considers calories “so not sexy”, an old woman in a pink tracksuit who looks as if she is trying too hard to look young, a girl getting plastic surgery, a girl making a sex tape, a girl washing her car and rubbing a facecloth and soap all over herself, and a girl who goes into what looks like a pet shop, buys an “itsy bitsy doggy” with the advertisement that it “stays younger longer”, and drives her car so carelessly while putting on makeup that she runs over two people. Pink also plays characters meant to represent the opposite of “stupid girls”, such as a female president and a girl winning a game of football. The video ends with the girl choosing a football (fitness), a computer (work), books (knowledge and adequate education), dance shoes (love), and a keyboard (leisure) over makeup (vanity) and a set of dolls (children) as she wants a normal life and the images are too overwhelming for her; the demon is defeated.

Some of the negatively portrayed characters in the video are parodies of young female celebrities such as Mary-Kate Olsen, who provides the basis for the Boho-chic dressing style of the girl who visits a Fred Segal clothing store. The redheaded girl who accidentally hits pedestrians with her car is a parody of Lindsay Lohan. The scene in which Pink washes a car in a bikini is a parody of similar scenes in the video for Jessica Simpson’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” (2005) and a 2005 Carl’s Jr. television commercial featuring Paris Hilton. The digital video shots showing Pink in bed with a man parallel those in the Paris Hilton sex tape 1 Night in Paris. The scene where Pink portrays a blonde coming into a bathroom throwing up food in order to be skinny (portraying bulimia) is reported to be portraying Nicole Richie. Towards the end in the video, a middle-aged woman with leathery skin appears next to a hot pink Honda S2000, which is exactly the same car driven by Devon Aoki in the film 2 Fast 2 Furious.

The video debuted on the U.S. MTV Total Request Live countdown and peaked at number six; it remained on the countdown for fourteen days. The video was retired on the Poland version of MTV’s Total Request Live, and it won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video in August 2006. When she was receiving the award, Pink parodied Paris Hilton by talking in a higher pitched voice and acting overly excited. Nicole Richie co-presented the award.


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On This Day in #PinkHistory 26th January 2004 @Pink was promoting the Pepsi commercial in London

On This Day in #PinkHistory 26th January 2004 @Pink was promoting the Pepsi commercial in London

Pepsi announced the details today (25th Jan) for the global premiere of their eagerly awaited Gladiator television commercial. The exclusive blue carpet event is being held at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, London on Monday 26th January.

The event starts at 6.00pm, and the stars of the ad will be there – including Britney, Pink and Beyoncé. Queen, whose timeless ‘We Will Rock You’ accompanies Pepsi’s new ad, will also be in attendance.

Get yourself down to Trafalgar Square and catch the world famous stars arriving at the National Gallery, walking down the carpet and chatting to crowds. A massive screen will be erected in Trafalgar Square for the crowds to watch the worldwide premiere of the ad.

The premiere will be the first showing of the new Gladiator ad anywhere in the world – and Pepsi have chosen to host the exclusive event in London!! The Pepsi advert will be broadcast for the very first time anywhere in the world on MTV UK & Ireland on that night, Monday 26th January, in the ad-break midway during the 10pm transmission of ‘The Osbournes’

The National Gallery commented: “We are delighted to welcome Pepsi and its guests Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Pink to the National Gallery, London, which houses one of the greatest collections of European painting in the world. Once inside the Gallery, Pepsi’s guests will be surrounded by some of its most beautiful and inspiring paintings such as Titian’s Bacchus and Ariadne and Veronese’s Family of Darius.

Pepsi has a strong heritage with music. Pink, Beyoncé, Britney and Enrique join the impressive list of world-famous talent with whom Pepsi has worked in the past, including Shakira, Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams, Ms Dynamite, Gareth Gates, Janet Jackson and the Spice Girls.


Fans of sexy pop trio Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles and Pink are in for a TV treat – soft drinks giant Pepsi are dressing the singers up as Roman gladiators for their new advert.

And while the stunning stars roam around scantily-clad, Spanish hunk Enrique Iglesias will play an evil Roman Emperor in the eagerly awaited commercial.

Pepsi are hoping the epic advertisment will spark widespread hype and make it one of the most talked about promos of all time.

Beyonce says, “I really love Pink’s voice and Britney always has the best performances. It’s great to be in the presence of such great artists and entertainers and I’ve been having the time of my life.”

Pink continues, “I’ve never been in a commercial before so just that in itself was pretty exciting to me. I always thought I would never take a can and sip it and go ‘aaah’ but I’m doing it now so it’s pretty funny.”

And Britney adds, “I’m such a huge fan of Pink and Beyonce. They’re amazing artists so to be in their company is very cool.”


An exclusive promo CD/CD-rom was released to promote the commercial, one for each of the girls.



1. Pink, Britney Spears, Beyonce – We Will Rock You (Pepsi “Gladiator” Sound Track Remix 2004)

  • Backing Vocals – Queen, Suzie Webb, Zoe Nicholas
  • Co-producer, Engineer – Justin Shirley Smith
  • Coordinator [Project Coordination] – Elien Healy
  • Drums – Roger Taylor
  • Drums [Stomps], Handclaps [Claps] – Queen
  • Effects [Sound Effects] – Alex Nicholls-Lee
  • Engineer [Assistant] – Giacomo De Caterini, Ricky Graham (2)
  • Guitar, Bass Guitar – Brian May
  • Producer – Brian May
  • Technician [Additional Pro Tools] – Joshua J. Macrae
  • Technician [Equipment] – Pete Malandrine
  • Technician [Pro Tools By] – Kris Fredriksson
  • Vocals – Beyonce, Britney Spears, Pink

2. Pink – Trouble

  • Engineer [Additional] – Atticus Ross
  • Engineer [Assistant] – Femio Hernandez, Fredrik Sarhagen, John Silas Cranfield, Tony Cooper
  • Mixed By – Tom Lord-Alge
  • Producer – Tim Armstrong
  • Producer [Additional] – John Fields
  • Recorded By – Dave Carlock, Tim Armstrong
  • Written-By – Pink, Tim Armstrong

VIDEO: We Will Rock You (Pink, Britney, Beyonce & Enrique

TV-Advert (videoclip – We Will Rock You (Beyoncé, Britney, P!nk, Enrique, Brian May, Roger Taylor)
Behind the scenes
Interviews (w/Pink)
Downloads (Desktop Wallpaper 800×600 & 1024×768; Screen Saver PC & MAC)
Audio Tracks (Credits)
We Will Rock You (The Musical by Queen and Ben Elton)


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On This Day in Pink History…26th January 2004, God is a DJ was released

On This Day in Pink History…26th January 2004, God is a DJ was released

God is a DJ is Pink’s second single in North America and third international single from her third album Try This.

AllMusic highlighted the song and added that “the echoes of Blur’s “Pressure on Julian” on “God Is a DJ” are surely coincidental.” David Browne wasn’t positive: “we could have done without the dreadful dance-rock cheeseball God Is a DJ.”Rolling Stone wasn’t either: “rehashes familiar (Trouble’s) themes in “God Is a DJ”: “I’ve been the girl, middle finger in the air.” Tell us something we don’t know, Pink.” Sal Cinquemani was positive: “The shoulda-been first single, “God Is A DJ,” is filled with the kind of life-affirming dancefloor metaphors that helped send Madge’s “Vogue,” “Music” and even Pink’s own “Get The Party Started” straight up the charts: “If God is a DJ/If life is a dancefloor/Love is a rhythm/You are the music.” Clem Bastow panned the song by noting that “God Is a DJ” is an attempt, unsuccessfully, to recapture some of “P!nk’s early-career spunk.”

The Village Voice praised the song: “If God were a DJ, which DJ would he be? Paul Oakenfold? Sasha and/or Digweed? No—Larry Levan. They didn’t call it the Paradise Garage for nothin’. I ask because “God Is a DJ,” the obvious and at one time actual choice for lead single off Pink’s third album, Try This, goes: “If God is a DJ/Life is a dance floor/Love is a rhythm/You are the music!” Grandiosity aside—what’s Art, then, waving glow sticks?—”God Is a DJ” provides excellent philosophical underpinning for Pink’s greatest hit, “Get the Party Started.” After, the same critic added: “Pink revisits her recent career in “God Is a DJ,” a big-chorused, fast-funk bass-lined spaz-out not written with Armstrong. Loving Mom, hating Dad, pulling her skirt up, sticking her tongue out—it’s all here. And it winds up with, “Look for nirvana/Under the strobe light.” No, not Nirvana, though that comparison flashed before my eyes—before the new Hole was pushed back past Courtney’s next court date, I intended to review the two albums together. But it was another major rock chick, Tim Armstrong ex Brody Dalle, who put out the grunge-punk disc of the year, the Distillers’ Coral Fang.” Dan Leroy was favorable, too: “But if “God Is A DJ,” he’ll put that piece of punky disco perfection, and several other tunes here, in heavy rotation immediately.”



  • Australia – 24
  • Dutch Top 40 – 6
  • Germany Singles – 44
  • UK Singles Chart – 11
  • US Mainstream Top 40 – 26

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On This Day in Pink History… 22nd January 2004, God is a DJ music video debuted

On This Day in Pink History… 22nd January 2004, God is a DJ music video debuted

The music video for this song features scenes of Pink and others (assumed to be her roommates) getting dressed, having fun on a subway, and going to a nightclub. Pink then continues to bribe the bouncer (dressed in eccentric drag clothing) to enter the nightclub ahead of the queue.

On This Day in Pink History, 8th January 2001, Pink attended the American Music Awards [VIDEO]

On This Day in Pink History, 8th January 2001, Pink attended the American Music Awards

The 2001 American Music Awards was held on 8th January 2001.

Pink was nominated for Favourite Soul/R&B New Artist but the winner of the award was Donell Jones.

Pink performed Most Girls.