On This Day in Pink History… 13th July 2005, Pink proposed to Carey Hart

On This Day in Pink History… 13th July 2005, Pink proposed to Carey Hart

Pink met Carey Hart at the 2001 X Games in Philadelphia. She said she would never date a motocross racer… however four years later on 13th July 2005, Pink asked Carey to marry her during a Mammoth Lakes motocross race. She was assisting the race and wrote “Will you marry me? I’m serious!” on a pit board. He initially didn’t notice and continued on for another lap. When he did notice, he veered off the track and he said YES! But then Pink made him finish the race because she didn’t want to marry a loser!

They married in Costa Rica in early 2006, however, in 2008 Pink confirmed that she and Carey had separated. In April 2009, Pink stated that the couple had gone to marriage counseling and were back together – they were never divorced. In November 2010, the couple announced they were expecting their first child and on 2nd June 2011, Willow Sage Hart was born.

Carey has appeared in several of Pink’s music videos (Just Like a Pill, So What, Just Give Me a Reason and True Love), and has also travelled with her on tours. They have matching ‘Tru Luv’ tattoos, and also Carey has a several tattoos of Pink.

Supercross 2014 Interview

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