20 Years of P!nk – Get the Party Started

Release History
9th October 2001

Written by
Linda Perry


Peak Position
Australia – 1
Canada – 11
France – 4
Germany – 2
Ireland – 1
Sweden – 3
UK – 2
US – 4

Get the Party Started was the first single from Pink’s second album, Missundaztood, written by Linda Perry. The song became one of Pink’s biggest hits, its success was spurred by heavy airplay in the US, which prompted the song to also peak at number four on Billboard’s Radio Songs chart. It peaked at number two in the UK, where it was narrowly denied the top spot by the posthumous release of George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord. It reached number-one in Australia and number-two in many European countries, most notably Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, being held off from the top position by Shakira’s smash hit Whenever, Wherever.

Get the Party Started was certified gold in Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Sweden and Switzerland, and in Norway it received a platinum certification. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2003 in the category of Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, which it lost to Norah Jones’s Don’t Know Why. It won the award for “Favourite Song” at the Kids’ Choice Awards of 2002, and at the MTV Europe Music Awards of 2002, it won the award for “Best Song”. 

Get the Party Started is often considered one of Pink’s signature songs as she tends to finish her shows with this song in her encore section along with a ballad song such as Nobody Knows and Glitter In The Air. In December, the song was listed as number 81 on Rolling Stone’s Top Songs of the 2000s.

Music Video

The music video was shot by director Dave Meyers in Los Angeles. At 1 minute and 46 seconds into the video, an American Flag is shown, a nod to the September 11 attacks which occurred around the single’s release. The video uses an abbreviated version of the song, cutting out the last chorus, and also cutting out the instrumentals. The song’s composer, Linda Perry, is seen as a bartender.

In the video, Pink is getting ready to go out, trying on different outfits. One of her friends picks her up, and they drive in a car bobbing their heads to the music. However, the car runs out of fuel, so they get out and steal two skateboards from two boys. Pink falls off her skateboard because men in a car are whistling at her. The women arrive at the club but are refused entry, so to get in they use a scaffold to reach the top of the building. Inside the club, Pink changes her clothes and starts to party; in the end Pink dances with two other dancers (Kevin Federline and Georvohn Lambert).

The video was nominated at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards for “Best Pop Video” and won the awards for “Best Female Video” and “Best Dance Video”.

Music Video

Making the video

I’m Not Dead Tour

Rock in Rio 2019

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