On This Day in Pink History… 31st January 2014, The Truth About Love Tour ended in Las Vegas

On This Day in Pink History… 31st January 2014, The Truth About Love Tour ended in Las Vegas

The Truth About Love Tour Facts:

  • The Truth About Love Tour was Pink’s sixth concert tour
  • Started on 13th February 2013, ended on 31st January 2014
  • There were 4 legs of the tour. 46 in Australia, 30 in Europe and 66 in North America. A total of 142 shows.
  • Earned box office $184,061,847
  • Shows in Melbourne, Australia, were recorded for the tour DVD, The Truth About Love Tour: Live from Melbourne
  • The opening song was Raise Your Glass
  • Pink closed the show with So What at most shows (some shows were closed with Glitter in the Air performance of the Grammys). The stunts from the Carnival Tour were performed for So What.
  • Pink broke her own record at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia. On the Funhouse tour in 2009, Pink played a record 17 shows. On the Truth About Love Tour she played 18. Pink was rewarded a plaque backstage, a second pink pole, a star at the venue’s entrance and Door 18 was painted pink
  • To transport and set up the tour, there is a chartered 747 jumbo jet, 19 semi-trailers, and 80 crew members to set up her 400 tons of equipment.
  • Pink opened her first “pop up” store in Australia  which features things that are not normally available at her concerts. Merchandise includes autographed items, backstage passes, T-shirts, key rings, show tickets, etc.

Band/Backing singers/Dancers

  • Jason Chapman – Keyboards/Vocals
  • Justin Derrico – Lead guitar
  • Mark Schulman – Drums
  • Eva Gardner – Bass
  • Kat Lucas – Keyboards/Rhythm guitar/Vocals
  • Stacy Campbell – Backgound vocals
  • Jenny Douglas-McRae – Background vocals
  • Tracy Shibata – Dance Captain
  • Reina Hidalgo – Dancer
  • Colt Prattes – Dancer
  • Khasan Brailsford – Dancer
  • Janelle Ginestra – Dancer
  • Loriel Hennington – Dancer
  • Remi Bakkar – Dancer
  • Jimmy Slonina – Host/Rubix

WHAT’s UP?!?


Are we all really here together? AGAIN?!? Maybe for the first time? THIS. IS. SO. EXCITING!

It feels like just yesterday I was hanging by my ankles from a Frenchman. OHWAIT it WAS yesterday…

I am so grateful for this moment, for all of you… for every one I share the stage with, for all the “behind-the-scenes” peeps we have back here – all of us – including you are the family I thank my lucky stars for every night.

The heartbreak, the heartache, the JOURNEY whatever it is that brought us all here tonight LETS BLOW THIS PLACE APART…

I love you more

xoxo P!nk

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