On This Day in Pink History… 5th October 2009, I Don’t Believe You was released

On This Day in Pink History… 5th October 2009, I Don’t Believe You was released

I Don’t Believe You was released as the sixth single from Pink’s fifth album, Funhouse.

I Don’t Believe You is Pink’s single with the lowest peak in the United Kingdom. It failed to reach the top forty due to physical single was cancelled. In the U.S. & Canada, the track has sold around 115,000+ in digital downloads, but failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, making I Don’t Believe You her only single from Funhouse not to have higher charting. In Australia, the song reached number twenty-three on the sales chart and was the number-one most added track to the radio on its debut week of release. In the Europe, I Don’t Believe You reached top forty in most countries with its highest peak in Portugal, where the song reached number one.

The music video was directed by Sophie Muller and was shot in California in September 2009. The video is show in black and white and features Pink in the wedding dress she wore to her actual wedding to Carey Hart in 2006.

Scenes include her lying down in the dress, rollerblading around what appears to be the inside of a church (The Los Angeles Theater), singing to an empty wedding dining room, crying over an empty wedding album and singing to herself in front of the mirror.

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