20 Years of P!nk… There You Go

There You Go

Release History
20th February 2000

Written by
Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs
Kandi Burruss

Can’t Take Me Home

Peak Positions
Australia – 2
Germany – 65
Ireland – 19
New Zealand – 6
Sweden – 26
UK – 6
US Billboard Hot 100 – 7

There you go was Pink’s debut single from her debut album Can’t Take Me Home. It was co-written by Pink, Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs and Kandi Burruss. 

The song got many positive reviews and was compare to tracks from Destiny’s Child (Bills Bills Bills) and TLC (No Scrubs). It was described by MTV Asia as having an edgy cut that has all that it takes to top the charts. Rolling Stone commented: “Her debut has one awesome single in ‘There You Go’, whose wronged-woman sass is set to a stop-start groove so bling-bling it redeems a chorus that ends, ‘Sometimes it be’s like that.'”

Music Video

The music video was the first of many to be directed by Dave Meyers. It debuted in late November 1999. 

In the music video , Pink’s ex-boyfriend Mikey calls her asking for a ride, and she reluctantly agrees to give him one. Pink hops on a motorcycle and rides to the top of a parking structure overlooking her ex’s apartment, where she calls him on her cell. She then accelerates her motorcycle, jumps off at the last second, and watches as it soars off the building and crashes into his apartment window before exploding into flames, burning the armchair and the PlayStation (which Mikey was playing on earlier in the video). Pink then jumps into a car driven by a new guy, giving her ex the middle finger as they drive off.

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