I Don’t Believe You

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Pink explained on her website that, lyrically, the song is about pleading for reconciliation, and is her favourite song fromFunhouse “because it’s just so naked. It’s like taking a deep breathe and saying, ‘Here I am. Take me. Take your best shot’.” She went on to explain that: “The first thing that comes to my mind with I Don’t Believe You is me standing in the vocal booth listening… Actually in the control room listening to this song, tears running down my face, just like ‘fuck, really?’ It’s the vulnerable weak side of me that I don’t let out very often. And it’s [sighs], yeah it’s that song. And I love it, I love it. I just love it, it’s very near and dear to me.”

I Don’t Believe You is Pink’s single with the lowest peak in the United Kingdom only reaching number 62. It failed to reach the top forty due to physical single was cancelled.

The music video for I Don’t Believe You, directed by Sophie Muller, was shot in September 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The music video premiered on October 2009. The video is in black and white, it features Pink in the wedding dress she wore to her actual wedding to Carey Hart in 2006, and a diamond encrusted wedding gown as she searches for her lover, to no avail. Scenes include her lying down in the dress, rollerblading around what appears to be the inside of a church (The Los Angeles Theater), singing to an empty wedding dinnerroom, crying over an empty wedding album and singing to herself in front of the mirror.


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