Glitter In The Air

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Glitter in the air was released as the sixth single from Funhouse in North America in 2010. It was written by Pink, Billy Mann and Michele Mears. The song is a pop ballad with a soft piano accompaniment. Its lyrics talk about the power of love and taking a leap in faith, while using various metaphors. Glitter in the Air received mixed reviews from contemporary critics: some named it the best vocal performance of Funhouse, while others criticized it for being a cliché ballad.

Glitter in the Air debuted at number 18 and 13 in the United States and Canada, respectively. In the United States, the song marked the first time Pink had five singles from one album chart on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was notably performed by Pink as part of her 2009 Funhouse Tour with her wearing a bodysuit and doing acrobatics using aerial tissue. A similar version of this performance was done at the 2010 Grammy Awards, where her performance received a standing ovation and was critically praised by media outlets. A similar version of these performances was also performed on The Truth About Love Tour.

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