Get The Party Started

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Get The Party Started was written by 4 Non Blondes front woman, Linda Perry. Although the process of making the song was “so unlike me” as Linda stated she was going through a “weird phase”, eventually she gave the song to Pink.

After its UK release in January, it peaked at number 2 in the UK Singles Chart, where it was narrowly denied the top spot by the posthumous release of George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord. In the UK end of year charts in 2002 it reached number 21. It was certified Silver having sold 200,000 copies.

The music video was shoot by Dave Myers in Los Angeles in September 2001. In the video Pink is getting ready to go out, trying on different outfits. One of her friends picks her up, and they drive in a car bobbing their heads to the music. However, the car runs out of fuel, so they get out and steal two skateboards from two boys. Pink falls off her skateboard because men in a car are whistling at her. The women arrive at the club but are refused entry, so to get in they use a scaffold to reach the top of the building. Inside the club Pink changes her clothes and starts to party; in the end Pink dances with two other dancers (Kevin Federline and Georvohn Lambert).

The song is included in many tour set lists and has been used to close shows, usually accompanied by Pink doing stunts in the air. It was also performed as a remix on the I’m Not Dead Tour, using elements of the Eurythmics song Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). Pink had previously teamed up with Redman and Rockwilder to record this remix in the studio which was a b-side to the single and was actually released as a single in France.

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