Greatest Hits… So Far!

Raise Your Glass

Year 2010

Director Dave Meyers

The music video has scenes that include a skateboarding setting, which is reminiscent of Pink’s debut music video for There You Go, and a scene in a high school prom where Pink sniffs under her arm, the same thing she did in the music video for Get the Party Started. The final scenes show a girl crying during her graduation, a reference to Pink’s success in delivering her message after years since her debut.

Fuckin’ Perfect

Year 2011

Director Dave Meyers

The explicit video begins in silence, with a man and woman lying in bed after having sex. The woman looks depressed and reflective. She stares at a worn teddy bear sitting in a nearby chair; the song begins and the viewer is transported back in time to when she was a little girl and a boy snatched the teddy bear from her. The little girl is then shown beating up the boy in the playground before being restrained by her teacher. In another scene, she is a little older and watching a birthday party with an inflatable castle across the street. Two children are sitting outside the castle, and they look up at her window. The girl immediately ducks down from the window and sits on the floor, looking sad. At school, she receives an “F” on a test; she picks up a pencil and transforms the big F into a funny-looking Medusa with a big mouth and a lot of pimples. She is shown vandalizing toilet cubicles with the words “Skinny bitches” and snorting drugs while looking on enviously at girls in the bathroom. Next, her adult self (Tina Majorino) spies on two young women trying on dresses in a clothing store, wishing that she was as skinny as them. She is shown stealing a dress in the store only to get caught immediately, and is thrown out of the store while one of the women takes a picture of her on her phone. She is then shown weighing herself on a bathroom scale, ribs and spine clearly visible through her skin, indicating that she is anorexic. The next scene shows her lying in a bathtub carving the word “Perfect” in her arm with a razor. While lying in the bathtub, her eyes find the same teddy bear from her childhood. She gets out of the bathtub, picks up the scissors, and crops her hair while sobbing and looking at the mirror.

Near the end of the video, the woman is shown working on a painting. Ultimately, she becomes a successful artist with her paintings displayed in an art exhibition. Pink is shown “raising her glass” to her, and the girl smiles and raises her glass back. At the exhibition she meets the man she’s in bed with at the beginning of the video. Back to the present, this man, played by Brad Norling, holds her and they smile. She gets out of bed and takes her childhood teddy bear into her daughter’s room. The final scene shows her mouthing the words “You are perfect to me” to her daughter. Meanwhile, Pink is shown singing in a room with pictures of the woman’s flashbacks.

The clean version of the video uses “Perfect”, the censored version of the song. The opening sex scene is cut from the video. The video follows the same storyline, but deletes some graphic scenes and adds a few takes where Pink says “You are perfect” or “Less than perfect” instead of “Fuckin’ perfect”. The bathroom scene has been heavily edited and does not show the razor blade nor nearly as much blood, although it still shows the word “perfect” carved on her arm.


All text from Wikipedia

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