Greatest Hits… So Far!

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Greatest Hits… So Far! is the first greatest hits album by Pink. It was released in November 2010 by LaFace Records, in celebration of Pink’s first decade on the music scene. The album features Pink’s biggest hits from her career, however the track list differs depending on region. The album also includes four new tracks.

The hit singles Raise Your Glass and Fuckin’ Perfect peaked at number one and number two on the Hot 100 chart, respectively. In addition, Heartbreak Down achieved airplay success in some countries. This was the last material that Pink released under LaFace Records and Jive Records before moving to RCA Records. The compilation debuted at number 14 on the US Billboard 200 chart and advanced to number five during the holiday season due to the success of its singles, which raised Pink’s total number of top-ten hits to eleven, and that of her number-one singles to three. The compilation’s artwork was highly praised and its deluxe edition won the O Music Award for Best iTunes LP.

Originally, Pink was against releasing a greatest hits compilation, stating that she “was not inspired at all for this album… I always figured you need to be 60 or better, to have a little more past, to put one of these out. I fought it for years.” However, she changed her mind, realizing that “record companies can put out compilations without your permission” and concluded: “I wanted it done my way, so I jumped on board. Then, the less skeptical I felt about it, I started to feel a little proud.”

Two singles were released from the album, both were newly recorded tracks:

  • Raise Your Glass
  • Fuckin’ Perfect

Track list (International Edition):

  1. Get The Party Started
  2. There You Go
  3. Don’t Let Me Get Me
  4. Just Like A Pill
  5. Family Portrait
  6. Trouble
  7. Stupid Girls
  8. Who Knew
  9. U + Ur Hand
  10. Dear Mr President (feat. Indigo Girls)
  11. Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)
  12. So What
  13. Sober
  14. Please Don’t Leave Me
  15. Bad influence
  16. Funhouse
  17. I Don’t Believe You
  18. Whataya Want From Me
  19. Raise Your Glass
  20. Fuckin’ Perfect
  21. Heartbreak Down

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