10 Years of I’m Not Dead – I’m Not Dead Tour 2006/2007

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The I’m Not Dead Tour was Pink’s third major world tour. It started in Spring 2006 as promo shows around the world to promote the album.

In June 2006, Pink toured clubs in North America.

“Small gigs, that’s where it’s at […] You can feel everyone’s sweat, it’s just so close and intimate. It’s stinky, it’s smoky, it’s good.”


Pink then went on to play in arenas across Europe during Autumn/Winter 2006.

In early 2007, Pink toured in America with Justin Timberlake as the opening act on his FutureSex/LoveShow tour at select venues.

The tour then went onto Australia where it grossed about $42million.

In summer 2007, Pink toured European festivals and smaller venues, as well as playing shows in South Africa, where the I’m Not Dead tour ended.

Setlists & Band/Dancers (Click here!)

The tour DVD, Live from Wembley Arena, was filmed in London on 4th December 2006. Read more about the DVD HERE

Full Concerts from the era Click on links to see full concert videos from the I’m Not Dead era.


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