Top 15 Iconic Performances by P!nk

Over the past 15 years, Pink has proved that she is one of the most talented musicians and performances in music history. This post will take a look back at some of her most iconic performances… So far!

15. Most Girls at Worlds AIDS Day Concert 2000

Back when Pink was R&B, she could already put on a kick-ass dance performance while singing live. Go Pink!

14. Lady Marmalade 

In 2001, Pink Lil Kim, Mya and Christina Aguilera recorded Lady Marmalade for Moulin Rouge!

13. Perfect Acoustic 

Ok so I could have posted any acoustic song here. Pink + a guitar = Perfect. She can perform spinning around in the air on the silks, or sat on a stool performing acoustically. Pink performed ‘Perfect’ and Who Knew acoustically at small venues and radio stations during summer 2012.

12. T-Mobile Sing-along in London April 2009

In 2009, T-Mobile recorded their new commercial in Trafalgar Square, London. Pink surprised the crowds when she came up singing with them. She performed Piece of my Heart, So What and Hey Jude.

11. I Have Seen The Rain (feat. Jim Moore) live in New York

I Have Seen The Rain was written by Pink’s Dad, Jim Moore, who also features on the track. They performed it live at a Flashmob gig in New York in April 2006.

10. Misery with Steven Tyler at the VH1 Fashion Awards

Pink teamed up with Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler, on her second album, Missundaztood to record the track Misery. They performed the track at the VH1 Fashion Awards in 2002 with incredible vocals

09. Bohemian Rhapsody. Queen cover on the Funhouse Tour

There aren’t many artists who can cover such a classic track as Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and do it so well as Pink did during the Funhouse Tour in 2009

08. What’s Up. Performed at various concerts including the I’m Not Dead Tour

Pink is a huge fan of Linda Perry and 4 Non Blondes, so its no surprise that she has covered their biggest hit, What’s Up. Performed at various tours and concerts, from the 2002 Party Tour to the 2010 Summer Carnival Tour, it is always a crowd pleaser as Pink encourages the fans to sing along with her.

07. Raise Your Glass at the American Music Awards 2010

In late 2010, Pink announced that she was pregnant with her first child, but that didn’t stop her putting on an awesome performance of Raise Your Glass at the 2010 American Music Awards.

06. So What live from the Summer Carnival Tour and The Truth About Love Tour

Strapped into a harness, Pink flies around the stadiums and arenas performing So What. This performance was on the 2010 Summer Carnival Tour and the 2013/14 Truth About Love Tour. The performance allowed Pink to get closer with fans who were towards the far end of the venues and she flew around all corners. In Nürnberg, Pink was not attached to her harness properly and fell off the stage and into the barrier. The show was immediately stopped and Pink was taken to hospital. However, apart from a few bruises, Pink was ok and never cancelled any shows due to injury of the accident.

05. Just Like A Pill at the MTV Video Music Awards 2002

One of Pink’s most iconic 2002 performances is Just Like A Pill at the MTV Video Music Awards. Dressed in black and supporting a fake side body tattoo, Pink looked every bit bad ass and also admitted she was ‘too drunk for this’ during her acceptance speech when she won the award for best female artist.

04. Sober at the MTV Video Music Awards 2009 and The Funhouse Tour 2009

How many other artists can do a trapeze act while singing live in front of thousands of fans? Probably not many! Following the VMA performance, MTV posted a poll on their website for people to vote for the best performance of the night, which Pink won.

03. Somewhere Over The Rainbow at The Oscars 2014

Pink performed this classic song at the Oscars in 2014 which really showed off her vocals and proved that even though she enjoys performing on the silks & trapeze etc, she doesn’t need them to put on a show-stopping incredible performance.

02. Try at the American Music Awards 2012

In 2012, Pink created a music video which was “the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career”, and, with Broadway dancer Colt Prattes, the pair recreated the dance from the music video live at the American Music Awards. Part of the dance was also performed on the Truth About Love Tour too.

01. Glitter in the Air at the Grammys 2010, The Funhouse Tour 2009 and The Truth About Love Tour 2013

The Glitter in the Air performance at the 2010 Grammy Awards was when the world woke up and took note of Pink’s talent. She had been doing the performance during the 2009 Funhouse Tour, and continued with it during the American leg of the Truth About Love tour. The performance at the Grammys was deemed the best of the ceremony, and the audience greeted her with a standing ovation.

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