2 thoughts on “On This Day in Pink History… 23rd January 2004, Pink performed God is a DJ on Top of the Pops [VIDEO]

  1. pinkpandemonium1979

    Wow. I really enjoyed this post! First mention must of course go to her hair. I’ve seen it dark before, but here it is longer and looking fab, event though I prefer her with light coloured hair. Is it just me or does she seem tired in this vid? She doesn’t have her characteristic energy. She sound awesome as always, eerily similar to the album but obviously not lip syncing. It seems rare these days that any artist aside from P!nk actually sound good live. Last mention goes to the shock at seeing her left arm without the Elvis dog tattoo and associated wording underneath. So many of the photos and videos online are from 2006 onwards as this is when recording technology became more accessible to ordinary citizens. Older P!nk archives can be harder to find and are rarer pieces of her history which makes them more valuable. Thanks for your ongoing contribution to the ‘P!nk family’. Your contribution is truly unique and highly valued.


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