Just Like Fire

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Just Like Fire was recorded for the soundtrack of the 2016 film, Alice Through the Looking Glass. It was co-written by Pink, Max Martin, Shellback and Oscar Holter. The song was released to digital retailers through RCA Records on 15th April 2016. In an interview with People, Pink claimed that her daughter was the inspiration for the track. The song marks the first occasion that the singer has written an original song for a live action feature film.

Just Like Fire debuted n the top 50 on multiple international singles charts and peaked in the top 10 in the United States. In Australia, it reached number one in its second week and has also been certified triple Platinum by ARIA.

It was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

The official video for Just like Fire was directed by Dave Meyers and was released in May, 2016, ahead of the US premiere of Alice Through the Looking Glass. The video features Pink’s husband Carey Hart and their daughter, Willow. In it, Pink is observed swinging on silk ropes hung from the ceiling of a large drawing room by her husband. Willow, seated on a nearby fireplace mantle, watches as a blue butterfly flies into a mirror over the fireplace. Willow follows, stepping into the mirror. Shortly after, Pink swings on the ropes and leaps onto the mantle, stepping into the mirror as well. She arrives on a giant chessboard outside a castle. On the chessboard are doubles of Pink dressed as various chess pieces. The doubles circle Pink and the white queen shoves her over. She lands in a chair at a table set up for a tea party suspended in the air. Also seated around the table is the Mad Hatter and Willow. The butterfly from the beginning flies around the table as Pink sings the song’s bridge. Suddenly, she falls out of her chair and is shown falling through the sky, stopping inches off the ground in a rose garden. The Timekeeper from the film gives Willow a watch in the background. Then, Pink begins hallucinating scenes from the film, her in a straitjacket, and scene from earlier in the video. It suddenly cuts to Pink in a straitjacket, being taken away into a lunatic asylum while her husband signs the release papers with a doctor, while the same butterfly follows her through the entrance.

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