Funhouse Freakshow Editions



Year 2010

Director Cole Walliser

As a part of the Funhouse Freakshow, alternate videos for Funhouse, along with Please Don’t Leave Me and Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) were shot.

The video for Funhouse directed by Cole Walliser shows P!nk singing onstage along with a band consisting of clowns and the staff of a circus. She wears the same outfit that appears on the cover of Glitter in the Air. The video is entirely shot in black and white, and it’s the only one, among the Funhouse Freakshow videos where P!nk lip-syncs the words of the song. The video appears on the bonus DVD accompanying the deluxe edition of P!nk’s compilation album, Greatest Hits… So Far!!!.

Video link not available

Please Don’t Leave Me

Year 2010

Director Cole Walliser

With the release of P!nk’s compilation album Greatest Hits… So Far!!!, videos for Please Don’t Leave Me, Funhouse, and Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) were released. The videos are a part of Funhouse Freakshow and were first played on Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour. The video for Please Don’t Leave Me directed by Cole Walliser features P!nk’s husband Carey Hart and just like the other two videos, it is shot in black and white and the setting is a circus. P!nk plays the role of a beautiful woman who is searching for a man. Men line up outside the circus tent to see her and try to gain her love. The last man in the line is as short as a child and is laughed at by the other guys. It is revealed later in the video that Carey plays the role of this man, who eventually gains P!nk’s love. He proposes to her, offers her a ring and she accepts it. The couple is shown on a date, then they play in the park and the video ends with P!nk and Carey, as a little man, walking away together.

Video link not available

Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)

Year 2010

Director Cole Walliser

During the Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour, alternate videos were shot for Funhouse, Please Don’t Leave Me and Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely). The latter was never filmed, which caused a fuss back during the song’s release period among P!nk’s fans. P!nk released the video for her fans. Directed by Cole Walliser the video features P!nk and two fat women on the beach. P!nk is playing the guitar alone, suddenly the two women show up. The rest of the video shows P!nk running away from them until finally ditching them.

Video link not available


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