– What’s changed in the update

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The Pink History website has been updated, with a few things changed around. Here is a list of what has changed, and how you can find the pages that have been moved:

  • All pages are now ‘full width’ so they don’t have the side bar running down the side of the page. The side bar (with the links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), can now only be seen on the front page where the blog posts are shown.
  • The ‘About‘ section has been updated, with links to the main sources.
  • The ‘Music Videos‘ and ‘Filmography‘ pages have now been moved to the ‘Discography‘ section.
  • New pages have now been added. If you go to the ‘Studio Album Discography‘ page, you will now find links to all studio albums. These are new pages for each album with information, links to lyrics, videos and a small slideshow gallery.
  • New pages have also been added to the ‘Singles Discography‘ page. Similar to the Studio Album Discography. You can find these new pages either by using the drop down menu, or the links on the discography pages.
  • New pages have been added to the ‘Greatest Hits & Live Album Discography‘ section
  • Concert DVDs page has now been moved to the ‘Concert Tours‘ section and can be found using the drop down menu
  • The Gallery has been cleaned up and now has links to Facebook galleries which will be continuously updated.
  • Pink History Features has been updated with links.
  • New Page Full Concerts‘ can now be found under ‘Concert Tours’. This page will contain links to full videos from various concerts.
  • Social media tabs have been added to the side bar on the front page.
  • A link to Pintrest has now been added to the Links page. PinkHistory is new to Pintrest, so come follow us there to see some fantastic photos of Pink!
  • The eBay page has been taken down, however you can find a link to eBay via the Links page, keep checking back to see new listings

If you have any feedback, please check out the Links/Contact page and use the comment box provided.


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