On This Day… 5th December 2011, Pink History launched!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Pink History!


On This Day… 5th December 2011, I opened the Pink History Facebook and Twitter pages!

Although I began the project over 12 months before the pages opened, today marks Pink History’s ‘birthday’. In October 2010 I began the huge task of researching through Pink’s career, since then I have opened social media accounts, continued to add events, photos and videos to the database, and even opened this website!

When I first started this project, I had no idea how big it would become. I have not missed a day posting the events in three years, and at the current time of writing this there are 4499 fans on Facebook, and 14,282 followers on Twitter, including Pink herself.

Pink History Links:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who follows, likes and has supported Pink History in the last three years, you are the reason I continue to do this project!

So raise your glass tonight, and celebrate Pink History’s third birthday!


~PinkHistory xoxo


3 thoughts on “On This Day… 5th December 2011, Pink History launched!!

  1. pinkpandemonium1979

    Awesome achievement Laura. I have been following the blog and twitter for ages and totally love it. I especially love seeing the posts where I can go “I remember when that happened, it only seems like yesterday”. Thanks for putting together an amazing resource together that so many people enjoy, including P!nk herself. That has got to be pretty cool! Hopefully plenty more years of P!nk History to come.

  2. Elizabeth Brown

    I’ve been a P!nk fan only in the last few years. I think my introduction to her was the ‘Glitter in the Air’ performance on the Grammys. I couldn’t believe I was watching, not only a talented singer/song writer, but that she could do this performance live and upside down and twirling! It blew my mind and I had to explore more. After watching endless hours of YOUTUBE of every concert, interview and music video, I was hooked. Then there was Facebook and Twitter, tumbler and vines and on and on. I’m a grown-assed women of 53 for heavens sake, but I love P!nk like a teenager would love a heartthrob! My husband looks at me and must think, ‘my wife is obsessed!’ Lol.

    Anyway, your history posts are so appreciated and very interesting, I love them. Congratulations on your many successful years blogging, documenting and sharing.

    🌷Elizabeth B.🌷



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