On This Day in Pink History… 30th April 2009

On This Day in Pink History… 30th April 2009, Pink took part in the recording of the new T-mobile advert in London. She performed Hey Jude, So What, Piece of My Heart.


My Personal Experience

In spring 2009, I went to four shows of the Funhouse tour, one of those shows was in London. I had only ever been to London once when I was two years old, so I decided to spend the weekend there and do a bit of sightseeing as well. I had seen the show in Liverpool on 29th April, so I took the train down to London the next day on the 30th. Once I had checked into the hotel etc, I decided to have a walk around London during late afternoon/early evening. We go to Trafalgar Square and saw a huge sign saying “Remember the dance? We’re filming the next event tonight 6pm-7pm right here in Trafalgar Square with special host Vernon Kay. You are all invited” I thought that sounded cool, but we had an hour or so before it started so we walked on down near Buckingham Palace. Oh boy if I had known who was going to turn up!! There wasn’t many people there at that time, so I would have got a good spot (and maybe got myself on TV!). We headed back in time for 6pm and there was so many people there. It was fun, the crowd was all singing and then I heard a familiar voice and saw the one and only Pink on the big screens. I couldn’t believe it! I had no idea she would be there. It is one of my best Pink moments in Pink History and I am so happy that I got to be a part of it.


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